Through homelessness, panic attacks, extreme waves of fear and deep depression each of these people have truly helped me through some of the worst times of my life. I just want to say a huge thank you to them for showing up when the society couldn’t or didn’t know how.   

Louise Hay

Louise Hay gives detailed descriptions of how the mind and body interconnect. My favorite part is the back of the book where theres a glossy for “Problem Area” in body, “Probable Cause” and the “Thought Pattern” (affirmation) to use in order embody more harmony in the area. A true must have for people that always seem to have difficulties with the body.

Elizabeth April

If you are into starseeds, E.T.’s and really mind blowing content Elizabeth April is great! She holds a really high vibration and helps to lead the new generation of spiritual teachers. 

Teal Swan

Shadow work shadow work shadow work… Literally enough said but she helped me see my trauma from an accepting and patient lense. This created more compassion and understanding for the parts of me I hated and disowned. 

Christina Lopes

If you are curious about spiritual concepts and want something easy to digest then Christina Lopes “The Heart Alchemist” is your girl. A former Physician gone spiritual teacher has videos on going through the awakening process to LIVE meditations.

Twin Flame Healers

These two people literally have the most special place in my heart. They are the biggest reason I am healing and able to live a peaceful and empowered life today. Multi-dimensional healers and former psychologists, Jill and Remi are great for those wanting to energy heal your present and past lives. I’ve had 4 one-on-one sessions with them and got over ten healing webinars. They also occasionally do free healing calls as well! 

Iyanla Vanzant

Iyanla helps bring truth to extreme family dysfunction. Her interviews with Oprah and on Lifeclass were cathartic and full of Aha’s!! Also I think shes best for mending root chakra cracks with her powerful wisdom. 

Thank you for reading

I have come so far on my journey and I’m so glad I can share what I’ve learned with you all. More to come.