I sit watching a YouTube video, all these women beating pillows with wooden sticks… Rage Ritual (video linked below). This. It literally lit a fire in my soul. HAHA but really. I love it. I need this. We need this.

So I walked over to my room, closed the door, grabbed a piece of wood and wacked the fuck away! This. This is what everyone needs right now. To have a safe space to express anger/rage/all emotions. I cried, I screamed I released so much. Where has this been all my life?! I felt all the energy, power, and confidence surface after I was done. That’s where all my confidence was hiding…

CONFIDENCE something many women struggle with. Was rage the antidote to my missing confidence and unworthiness? 

And what it comes down to is another thing society has shamed and labeled that holds more of our power, center, and peace. Hm. What a trend I’m seeing. Let me explain. When we hold in rage that’s when we can’t be trusted to be powerful. What your suppress becomes exaggerated, explosive/reactive and that’s what can’t be trusted. If we were able to bring acceptance and “healthy expression”  to a normal emotion we create harmony within and rage does not hold power over you anymore. 

What we suppress, deny and disown then has power over us. It doesn’t disappear it creates a block in the pipeline, about to bursts. Just waiting for any extra pressure..

When we are able to release the pressure (rage) when it comes up, there’s no more pressure in the pipeline. There comes a flow. Restricting and limiting by labeling “good” and “bad” emotions fragments us. It cuts the flow of our being. You want to be more authentic? Start with neutralizing the labels of what’s okay to feel and what’s not. Because the truth is its all you. So you are labeling you as “bad”. That’s why it feels so icky and shameful around rage.

That’s why “Rage Ritual” is so amazing. It’s one of the most nurturing way to express rage… It felt so human.


Allowing space and a time for this emotion to get it’s time. It’s not about anyone else really. It’s about you. For you getting the time space to express YOUR emotions. That’s self love right there. The more you validate EVERY feeling the less rage runs your life and hides in the background motivating you to make decisions that are out of alignment with who you really are. Because suppressing and denying is a sure way to hold it in your energy field. Expressing it sets it free. So watch this video and maybe even try it for yourself!

The truth will set you FREE!