We give our power away in more ways than we are aware over. Feeling drained by mid afternoon, constantly thinking about a person you have unresolved issues with, how things happened in the past. All of these habits take up LOTS of our energies.

We are literally handing out free passes to our energy and time left and right and wondering why we don’t have any energy left to do anything WE want.

That is your power, your precious energy you are funelling into somthing that is just feeding off it. Not being put to grow something, make something better for yourself. You are a person too you know. Who requires love, care and focus just like the ones you love.

I use to be so accostomed to this that I would go months with low energy levels and powerlessness like it was normal. I don’t think this is normal or natural.

Once we become less attached to the world outside of ourselves and put that responsibilty back in our own hands we will slowly come back to life. We are afraid to rely on ourselves because weve been taught not to trust outselves. Once you begin to get to know who you REALLY are and take off the layers of shame and guilt we uncover our truth and begin to like ourselves again. When you enjoy yourself you make better choices and regain this trust.