A better binder is a bunch of books, spirals, and pages that are created from true inspiration and aquired wisdom.

It’s like a journal but not really,

It’s an outlet, like my art, where my inner child and old soul intersect.  These blog entries, “Better Binder”, will be a direct reflection and extension of this cultivated binder.

When I’m flipping through the original Better Binder’s at home I choose one of the pages that resonates with me and share it here, with you (Better Binder Blog). Only when I feel a tug on my heart or a spark of curiosity will I feel inclined to write these entries.

As I look back on these pages with wonder about myself.

“Who I am?”

“Why do I always take interest in these ideas?”

This binder holds pieces I’ve gathered to the puzzle called life. From my professors, spiritual teachers, friends, family and random people in my life; I pay attention. I see people and the world as a reality I’m constantly observing, constantly trying to figure out more.

Each blog post will always tie those puzzle pieces back to art. Literally I can reflect every idea and knowledge I’ve aquired to the art process. Art helps me understand life. 

My art has been THE best mirror for how I and possibly others operate through life. From before I start painting to when I finish, I see myself. I see how I structure or not structure my paintings. I see what steps I jump to before I take the time to create a solid foundation. I see what parts I LOVE to spend hours doing and what parts I hate spending any time on at all. 

I’ve noticed the process of creating is forever mirroring the process of life itself. Because how similar is creating and living? Are they the same thing? These are all clues to how life and art parallel.

How far can you stretch the word creating?

So, by recording these observations and seeing the transformation of ideas in line with the transformation of my art I have so much to share. This is what this “Better Binder” blog is and I’m happy to teach the lessons I’ve learned from years of looking no matter how hard it might have been. 

-Becky Lyons