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Becky is an intuitive artist medium that bridges the energetic and unseen world with the physical. She’s very interested in emotions and energy and how you can connect these to images, colors and symbols to communicate complex concepts and realities. Each of her artworks holds healing frequencies that the viewer resonates and entrains with over time. She has always been highly sensitive her whole life and uses that gift to show others what exists from a multidimensional perspective. This is the primary intention of her process and opens this to whatever energies and messages that want to come through.   

“How do I get one?”

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For my 3 year anniversary with my girlfriend, I thought about having someone paint a picture of us that we took at the beach. I’ve seen Becky’s art before and she was the first artist I thought to ask. I had no doubt in my mind that Becky would go above and beyond- she is just THAT good. My girlfriend nearly cried when she opened it. The painting is absolutely priceless, we will have it hung up in our living room when we’re 80! THANK YOU, BECKY!


Becky Lyons is one of the most amazing artists. She paints in a way that breathes life into the memory. So thrilled with how it turned out.


I had been following Becky’s art for a while when she began a series of floral paintings. The second Becky shared this piece I immediately asked if it was for sale. Thankfully it was and it’s been the best addition to our space! She has amazing talent and craftsmanship, and it shows. This piece has moved with us 4 times, across the country, and has never looked better. I can’t wait to ask her for a bigger piece for my living room next!


After planning our exchange a while back and waiting in eager anticipation,  Becky Lyons Fine Art presented me with the best gift I have ever received in my entire life.

I unwrapped my spirit painting and revealed my own soul, on canvas 💓 I haven’t had chills like that in a VERY long time!

I am forever grateful for her sweet and giggly soul, for her extraordinary gifts and superpowers, and for the spirit world, which never fails to show me how beautiful I am.


I first experienced Becky’s incredible art when my sister commissioned a portrait as a gift of myself, my partner, and our dog that passed away. The painting turned out beautiful, and it a most brings me to tears every time I see how well Becky captured my sweet pups face. I decided to give my partner another painting of our other pup as a gift and Becky created another amazing piece of art that was so clearly painted with love! Her talent is truly beyond words and the art she has created for my little family is so deeply cherished. I will absolutely be adding to our collection in the future and would highly recommend Becky to anyone looking to add pieces that are full of heart to their home.


Hi Becky,
OH MY GOSH!  I LOVE IT!!!!  Thank you so much!!!  I was concerned you’d see a blank aura…lol but no, there’s color (whew). I’ll cherish this forever!!!
I’m definitely a fan!!!

Becky Lyons




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