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Becky Lyons is an artist based in Asheville, North Carolina. She believes in putting sensibility and feeling first when creating artwork. Her philosophy is that from chaos comes beauty - in weaving together imagery, color, and design, she aims to create 'harmonic tapestries' that leave an impact on the viewer.

Due to events in her personal life, Becky took a two-year hiatus from her business. She used this time to heal and process her emotions. Her new work, set to be released in Spring 2024, reflects this journey and the deepened understanding of herself she has achieved.

"How complex, multidimensional, resilient and undefinable we are as humans inspires me. What I see and feel everyday drives me to create art.  Art is how I connect and make sense of life.  It somehow gets life and the two are the same. They are mirrors of one another. My art reflects my own mirror and record of my life."



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